Ghostland Haunts is a living dreamworld, created for artists,

by artists.

 A performance based literary event series with revolving themes.


The purpose of Ghostland Haunts is to fill a void that currently exists in the Portland literary realm. As writers and artists, it has been difficult to find literary spaces and events consistently devoted to curating specific, themed readings, that manage to effectively speak to the shared subjective experience. We would like to be able to provide this outlet for other writers in the community, and also, for a diverse audience seeking a thoughtful engagement with like-minded peers.


This series will provide a pathway for writers to showcase their work in a new and exciting way; through the use of multimedia and expression beyond words. We hope that the revolving themes and carefully crafted, corresponding media provided, will inspire and encourage writers to create new works that reflect the energy of the times.


Each Ghostland Haunts event will showcase its unique expression by way of including a diverse group of writers/artists, focusing on revolving themes in performance and aesthetics, and creating a rich sensory experience for all.