Meet the Artists

Ophelia Darkly

  Ophelia Darkly is a shapeshifter, word conjurer, and dream weaver, originating from a strange place known as Chicago. At the age of six, she began writing weird tales in the dusty corners of a peach coloured room and hasn’t stopped since.


  She graduated from The University of Iowa where she earned degrees in Theatre & Creative Writing. Her work often takes the form of fractured fairytales, exploring mirrors of duality, the supernatural, whimsical wonderlands, and beyond. She wishes to create a space where artists can inspire one another and see their dreams manifest in the physical realm.


Jen Scholten

  Jen Scholten is a poet, imagist, multimedia artist and the sole creator of Ghost of Earth, an evolving two-way mirror and working catalyst of darkness and light. Ghost of Earth’s work is consistently connected to nature, the human experience and unexplored territories within the physical and psychic worlds.


  Jen previously spent years attending, absorbing, photographing and reviewing performance art for various theaters, festivals and artists throughout Portland with Thru Media. Currently, she is spending her time editing her first book of poetry, designing endless illustration & photography works and in working with fellow artists to develop meaningful projects and communities together.

Julia Laxer & Matt Smith

  Julia Laxer lives for the stories and writes in the afternoons from a messy desk in a rose-lit room in downtown Portland, Oregon. She won the Orlando Prize in Nonfiction from A Room of Her Own (AROHO) in 2014, and her work is featured in magazines, journals, and anthologies including The Los Angeles Review, So-to-Speak, and Zócalo Public Square. Julia writes poems, essays, erotica, memoir, and explores archetype and ritual within performance art.

  Matt Smith has devoted nearly three decades of his life to making music. Though primarily a guitarist and vocalist, he is lover of many instruments, including the accordion, keyboard, and drums. Matt shares his passion for musical expression with his three young children, whom he is devoted to. In his daily life, he works as a skills trainer alongside clients who live with mental health issues. Matt Smith loves fresh-cut flowers in his house— he will take a lily over a rose any fucking day.

Cordelia Darkly

  Cordelia Darkly is a writer of all things whimsical. Her words are laced with magic and bloom from the world of golden music boxes and victorian rose gardens. By sun, she is the mother of two beautiful faeries, and she's wed to a werewolf. By moon, she is an empress of dolls, giving fortunes to those that seek answers, and the twin of Ophelia Darkly.This will be her last performance before she moves to a castle by the sea in the Virgin Islands.

Constance Ann Fitzgerald

  Constance Ann Fitzgerald is editor/curator of Ladybox Books, a zine maker, and the author GLUE. Her work has appeared in Volume 1 Brooklyn, Clash Media, Entropy, and Dostoyevsky Wannabe: Cassette 85. Constance grew up in Central Arizona and has spent the last decade crawling North West. She currently lives in Portland Oregon where her happiness is wholly contingent upon whether or not there is a dog in the room.

Whim Grace

  Whim Grace is a feeling, a woman, and a way. Born on an island with existence singing in her ears, she walks the line of dream, seeking harmony, story, and connectivity. She is perpetually expanding the boundaries of possibility while diving into shadows to retrieve the pearls hidden within the cracks of humanity. She has come to this dystopian plane to remind us that imagination and compassion are the keys to our future.


Clare Alexander

Clare Alexander - writer, speaker and magic maker - returns to the stage after a 13 year hiatus to bring through a tale of resurrection and transformation. The last four years at a mystery school have been spent honing and shaping her expression of voice and body, connecting within and without to create a strong foundation from which her art can step out into the world. Tonight's performance is dedicated to those family members who support from beyond the veil: brother Sam, grandmother Rachel, and puppy dog Prince. 


Steve Odell

Steve Odell is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in Anthropology. This study has lead him to a life-long exploration into the relationship of belief in society and how it is informed by culturally relevant narratives of the times.


Currently he is pursuing studies in the art of human relationships through the lens of Chinese tea culture in China and its to implications on building bridges between disparate communities and ideas abroad. 


He currently resides in Portland, Or.