L'Imperatrice is part of the Tarot Series by Ghost of Earth. This work comes exactly as shown in a hand painted, baroque frame. Available in aged copper (shown), weathered steel, matte white, glossy white, matte black, and glossy black. Contact us for questions about custom colors for an additional premium.


L'Imperatrice Tarot Divination


The Empress stands amidst an evolving palace; a gaping forest full of life, light and nourishing flora. She is stopped, mid stroll fanning blushed cheeks from her journey. Her travel is long and arduous, but she is happiest so long as she is in the wild and in transit. It is in her wildest and most vulnerable form that she is most provided for.


A warm and glowing orb of light emanates from its source; the ardent heart of The Empress. Her passionate pursuit of life expends a great deal of energy, that when intentionally honed will return to her in the most discouraging of times. The traditional scepter appears here as a Japanese fan, and represents her fluxing dominion over life and death. Even in her most static states, she is the master of her own mobility. Though she is on this harrowing journey alone, we are witness to the many resources within her grasp. Some of those, like the fan, are ready at her immediate disposal. Others she must search for between the green along the way.


On her head she wears a crown of collected wildflower and rose which illustrates her connection with the mystical realm and the cycles of the natural world. At her feet, an ornate tapestry mimics the image of a flowing stream, which signals to rest and rejuvenation; a necessary companion to the exhaustive form that life’s journey can sometimes take. Her left wrist bears an infinity shaped wound that will eventually scar. This is symbolic of her eternal pursuit for self-empowerment, gentleness and love everlasting. It is a binding commitment to personal evolution, the deep journey of becoming, and to conscious love of all entities dead and living.




Connection to nature, nurturing, abundance, mental fortitude, passion, resourcefulness, mobility, self-awareness, understanding,

luxury in simplicity.

L'Imperatrice Baroque Framed Art (23x34)

Frame Color Options

Picture, width: 15 ¾ "
Picture, height: 19 ¾ "
Frame width: 23 ¼ "
Frame height: 33 ½ "