La Lune is part of the Tarot Series by Ghost of Earth. A divination description card is included with each print!


La Lune Tarot Divination


The beaming moon phases adorn the forest in an interconnected web. One phase connecting to the next, old phases aligning with the new; past, present and future aglow. Beneath them stands the nude figure of a woman with arms outstretched, reflecting thoughtfulness, curiosity and a genuine desire for change. She is open to the lightness, motioning naked below the phases. She is only sheathed slightly by her own inner darkness; the black reapers cloak. Now is a time for reckoning old patterns and that which no longer serves us.


The Moon represents a test of the soul’s integrity. The forested trees hang about like great monoliths, bearing witness to transformation. They are like old friends; testaments to the many trials of life. But something now in life is not what it seems. It is understood that both darkness and light are necessary ingredients to the creation and clearest illustration of the shadow. Perhaps, hidden somewhere in the cover of the protective forest is a truth we cannot admit to ourselves.


The turning phases of The Moon are not without an exhaust of serious energy. Such cycles do not appear without their own severe dosage of anxious and depressive states. Rebirth is not without the pains of birth; skin shedding is not without sensation, nor resistance. On her arms, etched are the constellations of Canis Major and Canis Minor which represent the most wild and tamed aspects of our consciousness. She is balancing beneath the phases. It is the art of balance that nourishes the forest most. Too much light will burn the growth; too much water will rot the root. The Moon is a strong indicator that we must rely on our intuition and sense of balance to light our way through our own darknesses.




Difficult period, insecurity, mental confusion, hidden things, fear, unusual dreams, rebirth, self-awareness.

La Lune Print (8x10)


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