Are you ready to journey through the caverns of your mind and come out changed on the other side? Now, for the first time ever, Ghostland mystics Jen Scholten & Ophelia Darkly present a unique experience for any dreamer: The Lucid Voyage. If you decide to embark on this quest, you are sure to unlock new worlds of mystery, adventure, and intrigue.


You can expect a bright and sparkling package to arrive at your door...


What's inside?


  •  A personalized Dream Interpretation for you or another soul
  •  Lavendar tea (3) to ensure tranquil travels into the dream realm
  •  A 4x6 Ghostland: Dreams print to inspire creativity
  •  A vial of Blue Lotus tincture; the dearest companion of dreamworlds
  •  Secret Surprises


Please enter your dream description in the "500" boxes. Dream descriptions containing characters over 1000 must be submitted to



Lucid Voyage Dream Interpretation