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Deadline: September 5th, 2019

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for

                                    dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

                                                                                                ― Carl Gustav Jung

Submission Details

What is Ghostland Haunts?


Ghostland Haunts is a performative literary series with revolving themes and sensory elements, hosted by creators Ophelia Darkly and Jen Scholten. 

About the Theme

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month we are centering this haunt around the Psyche. The labyrinth of the brain is perplexing; the walls are always moving and often speaking, sometimes in languages unknown. Dreams live here, dreadful or golden; as do demons and creatures beholden. The ghosts, the unseen, live forever there, or descend every so often to play a game-mare.


Curious minds, we are counting on you for tales of self-inquisition and discovery. Where have you wallowed when you’ve let your mind wander to its farthest reaches? If you feel so called to share shards of your inner world with the outer one, please submit your words, your images, your sound. Let our space be your refuge of light.


What is Unique About Ghostland Haunts LLC.?


Ghostland Haunts LLC. seeks to fill a void that currently exists in the literary arts realm. As writers and artists, it has been extremely challenging to find literary arts organizations that are consistently devoted to curating specific, themed literary events, that manage to effectively speak to multiple generations of writers. The mission of Ghostland Haunts LLC. is to provide the outlet and inspiration in order to empower writers in the community to create new works that reflect the times, and to manifest an environment for a diverse audience seeking a thoughtful engagement with like-minded peers.

All writers will be paid for their performances.


Each performer will be given 10-15 minutes on stage for their performance piece. We are looking specifically for literary works that fit the theme of Psyche and incorporate elements of performance art.




We are open to accepting works in progress, as well as completed works, but suggest that you submit a written proposal illustrating your vision with both written and visual components (video/audio/media) with the subject title “Ghostland Haunts: Psyche - Submission - Your Name” to no later than September 5th, 2019.


The venue requires all performers to be 21+.


The Selection Process


Submissions will be evaluated and performers will be chosen based on the strength of their proposal and how deeply it connects to the theme. Chosen artists will be asked to meet for an interview so that they may ask questions and elaborate on their vision.


Resources for Inspiration


Please consult our mood board and playlist for further inspiration:


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