The Three Truths

Truth is within us all.


Each of us have deeply personal, important truths; a reservoir of which when we dig far enough, for long enough, we are never not able to access.

You have found a silver or gold triangle in your travels, or maybe even a friend of ours has encouraged you to share your truths. We're so happy you received our signal!


Keep the triangle in mind either way as it is symbolic of your three truths. Together these make up a solidity and strength that is difficult to be matched by any other shape.


Although our truths may be forever evolving, the core of these remains the same. The inner flame is tempered, there, sometimes radiating, expanding - other times providing only light enough to see the outline of these honest mantras.

If you have the silver triangle, keep it close to you. Place it somewhere where you will notice it every day, somewhere at eye level. If not, keep this totem in mind and conjure it however you must.


After three days, write your truths on a separate slip of paper. Leave the triangle in a place where someone will find it, You may now release the golden triangle as you wish, writing one or all of your truths inside or on the outside of it.


Leave it somewhere in the world for another to find, give it to a friend to hang onto, string it up in a tree you walk under often... just let it go. Inside it you may leave anything you please for your anonymous witness.

For the brave souls - please share your truths with us below!

With your permission, we would love to share these anonymously with the Ghostland community.


Sharing your truth could strike something in another

- this is our intention.

Be well, dear Ghosts.

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